cycling the burgundy tour
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  • Day 1 Sunday
  • Day 2 Monday
  • Day 3 Tuesday
  • Day 4 Wednesday
  • Day 5 Thursday
  • Day 6 Friday
  • Day 7 Saturday
  • Day 8 Sunday
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  • Day 11 Wednesday

11 Days

Burgundy tour


An exciting tour through the Burgundy landscape, experiencing it's architecture, stunning scenery, local delicacies and rural tranquility.
Highlights: Paris, Auxerry, Sens , Escolives Chablis winery. Themedieval town of Moret sur Loign, Fontainebleau, Barbizon the painter's village and many other beautiful towns and vistas.


Total cycle milage appr. 190
Average daily milage appr. 23

Flat sometimes hilly.

mostly rural paths

with not much traffic


All distances mentioned are approximate. The itinerary is subject to change whenever the situation requires.

Elodie moored



The crew and the Elodie will take leave of you after breakfast.
Enjoy the rest of your travels!