Total cycle milage appr. 240
Average daily milage appr. 24


mostly bicycle paths

not much traffic


cycling to maastricht













This tour will folow the most beautifull rivers and scenic landscapes that the Netherlands has to offer. You will get acquainted with towns that once formed the outer borders of the Roman empire. Many comfortable bikelines will make your yourney a very pleasant experience.


Sunday Amsterdam - Utrecht - Vianen
Monday Vianen -Gorichem - Woudrichem
Tuesday Woudrichem - Den Bosch
Wednesday Den Bosch - Cuyck
Thursday Cuyk - Venlo -Roermond
Friday Roermond - Born - Maastricht
Saturday Maastricht
Sunday We take leave of you after breakfast


There are shorter biking options available. Your guide will inform you about the daily miles and options


River Maas-Tour


Maastricht  Sunday 16km – 9 Miles

The fantastic city of Maastricht is not something we can see in a day. But it will be a great beginning to your trip! First we gather to introduce the crew, explain the on board rules and the program. We then try out our bikes on a short tour to the picturesque village of Kanne. In the evening we take a look at ancient Maastricht, where you can still see much evidence  of its Roman past. Small alleys and centuries-old houses abound, along with churches, chapels and monasteries. Then there are modern designer shops; vineyards and the “Hidden Caves of St. Pietersberg. Of historical significance is the highest plateau in the Netherlands, Mount Saint Peter and associated church, De Sint Pieter. Also, the renowned Bonefantenmuseum of modern art. And finally, such great wines and cuisine. This is some of the magic of Maastricht.


Maastricht-Born-Roermond  Monday 40km -24 Miles

First, a morning sail to Born, where our ride begins. Today we have lots of interesting stops. We have a coffee break in the Belgian town of Maaseyk, known for the brothers van Eyck, Jan and Hubert. “Adoration” is Jan van Eyck’s most famous painting which can be seen in Ghent. Then we go to the fascinating white-washed village of Thorn. Once a tiny kingdom, Thorn began as an abbey in the 9th century, and was under female rule for 800 years. We also visit Maasbracht, known for its shipbuilding and the immense lock which boasts a rise of 11.85 meters. The Inland Waterway Museum has volunteers who were also skippers to tell us the story of Maasbracht. We then cross the Meuse and cycle along puddles created by gravel extractions. If lucky, we may spot beavers busy with their dams and homes along the Meuse.Cycling along we come to Roermond, known for the renowned architect Pierre Cuypers, who designed many churches and monasteries throughout the Netherlands. He designed the Rijksmuseum and Central Station in Amsterdam. You can admire his work in the Cuypershuis, along with other exhibitions; explore the big role that textile and fashion design play in Roermond; or just sip a beer in the main square, the Munsterplein.



Roermond-Blerick/Venlo Tuesday 45km – 28 Miles

This morning we travel on the Elodie to Blerick/Venlo. At coffee time you are free to explore the city of Venlo. Located cannonball distance from the German border, Venlo was in the line of fire during World War ll. Much of the heritage from its heyday did not survive. Allied bombardment occurred to secure the strategic bridge over the Meuse. However, many monuments do remain. After the war, the sought-after shopping city became like the Ruhr area, and is very German-oriented. After our visit here we begin to cycle through land and horticultural area especially known for the cultivation of roses and blueberries. Asparagus is also a specialty. It may be possible, depending on the rose season, to visit the Rozenhof in Lottum, a village that produces 70% of Holland’s roses. The tour continues through the nature reserve de Maas Duinen where you may see cranes, or with some luck badgers. We will have our lunch in Arcen, a medieval trading village well known for its beautiful castle gardens, and the Duke-Jan Brewery, famous throughout the Netherlands. We will cycle through this village and beyond to the locks complex where Elodie spends the night. This impressive structure keeps the water level of the Meuse manageable.


Grave – Den Bosch Wednesday 56km – 34 Miles or 32km – 19 Miles

The Elodie sails in the morning to Grave, where we take a look at this beautiful village. Then we cycle from village to village, more or less following the Meuse. There are large natural areas with Galloway cattle and sometimes wild horses. We will find a nice scenic place on the Maas for lunch and coffee. At the end the day we find ourselves in the Burgundian’s Hertogenbosch, also called the Den Bosch after the famous painter Jeroen Bosch. You can find out more about him in the Jheronimus Bosch Art Centre or lose yourself in this Burgundian city with it’s abundance of cafes and shops. Last but not least, don’t forget the impressive St. John’s Cathedral. It will, however, be part of our after-dinner walk.


Den Bosch – Oud Heusden – Woudrichem Thursday 45km – 27 Miles

Today we follow large sections of the Meuse and the branches of this important river, the largest in the south of our country. The Meuse is 925 km. long. It starts in France, passes through Rotterdam, and empties into the North Sea. The Meuse is referred to as a “rain river” which means the state of the water is whimsical. You will see today that the ferries are important to us. They are served by local volunteers who show us how confident we must be in a country that has more water than land. The volunteers may be farmers and old skippers who have a love of being on the water. For us cyclists it means that we can cycle through the most beautiful natural areas, choosing the best side of the river. We may have a coffee break in old Heusden, one of the many beautiful, fortified towns on the route. The fortress structure remains clearly visible. You will have time to walk around have lunch. We finish our ride in the medieval fishing village of Wouldrichem.


Woudrichem – Leerdam – Vianen Friday 35 km – 21 Miles

We leave Woudrichem on the ferry and then cycle through the lovely old town of Gorinchem, along the river Linge, which leads us to Leerdam. In Leerdam we have a coffee and also an opportunity to have a look at the old craft glass blowing. Glass blowers are associated with the crystal factory. The Maas, with its endless dunes, carries lots of sand used in the production of glass. After Leerdam we cycle through farmland to Vianen, a small and charming village where we spend the night.


Vianen- Nigtevecht-Amsterdam Saturday 40km – 25 Miles or 15km -10Miles

Today we leave with the Elodie, then disembark with our bikes either at Utrecht or Nigtevecht. Our route is along the river Vecht and past wonderful country homes outside of Amsterdam. The Elodie is on her way home! In the evening it will be a treat to discover an excellent restaurant in Amsterdam and have time to freely explore the canals and side streets of the city.


Amsterdam Sunday
We take leave of you after breakfast

On some day's a shorter tour is optional. This means that you possibly miss some of that day's highlight's. All distances mentioned are approximate.
The daily itinerary is subject to change due to weather, road or water situations or other circumstances that might occur during the tour and where not foreseen at the moment of offering this tour.