Hello Mirjam & Michel
We have just finished our wonderful bike/barge trip from Bruges to Paris. What a trip. Everything went so well. The team of Nina, Sander & Rien was perfect. They work very well together. Each of them was experienced, flexible & focused on the bike riders & how to make the ride best for them. Rien called us "talking cargo"; he was very funny & made us all feel special. He is a skillful skipper. Nina is an exceptional guide with lots of experience & she was always planning interesting routes. Sander's menus were much appreciated. He has such a passion for his cooking & the food was beautifully presented & explained.
Thank you. We came back to ride again on the Elodie after our experience on the Tulip Tour 2014. This 2 week ride was probably even better.
We may return for Paris to Auxerre. We'll see.


Kindest regards
Pamela & John Paton Bruges to Paris tour 12 – 26 June 2016


This was an amazing trip. The scenery and flowers were absolutely stunning, the group was great, and we had wonderful food, thanks to our chef, Sander. Nico, our guide was fantastic. He is fun and knowledgable and took great care of us. I would love to take another of his tours! I loved the biking. It was pretty chilly and sometimes very windy, but always doable. The bike roads and scenery make the Netherlands a perfect place to bike.


J. Stowell USA Tulip tour 17 – 24 April 2016


I Keep thinking of the Elodie, and the biking and the eating and all of you. So I thought I would write to say again that it was a memorable time for me.
The boat, and my special cabin, was so comfortable and somehow all the different characters worked together thanks to Mireille and Linde and of course the amazing chef. I show people the pictures of each plate and they cannot believe it!
i would love to think about another trip next year so I will stay in touch. Of course I would want Mireille to lead it. In my mind I think of her always turning on her bike to see if her ducklings are in order!
Thanks so much for being so kind. Thanks for allowing me to stay in my own space since I am not sure I would have survived in such close quarters with someone on their cell phone all the time?


Annie O'Neill Tulip tour 10 – 17 April 2016


Last summer I experienced the best trip from Paris to Bruges on the Elodie with Fred, Sander and Bert and many wonderful people on holiday.  thanks  Janelle
Hello Mirjam, Michel, Onno and Sander - 
We had a marvelous time on the Elodie - thank you for making it possible.  Everything was better than I expected: the barge, the accommodation, the tour selection, the bicycles and the food.  The crew were marvelous and a lot of fun: Michel with his wicked humor, Onno with his skill and patience and sander with his extraordinary dinners.  (My bottle of cherry beer was a great hit with my sommelier son-in-law.)
Of course we have recommended your tour to several friends, so I hope you will see more Australian's in the future.
Met vriendelijke groet,

September 2015 Bruges to Paris tour


We are back home in Australia now after our trip from Bruges to Paris on the Elodie.
Thanks to everyone for a great holiday.
Michel did a great job as skipper. The barge was always spotlessly clean and running perfectly. I'm sure it's not an easy task navigating the narrow waterways especially the locks requiring patience and concentration. And after a hard day at the wheel it was nice of Michel to join us after dinner with a weather report and chat.
Sander's meals were excellent. Neither of us lost weight and his commentary on the menu each night was very interesting.
Onno was as superb guide taking a personal interest in everyone and showing us many places off the beaten track. His enthusiasm never faded and we looked forward each day to his company.
Behind the scene, in the office, there must be an efficient organizer as well, We watched a movie about Van Gogh the night before we visited Auvers sur l'Oise which I meant to ask Michel about but forgot. Do you have any details of the film as my son who is an artist would like to see it too.
Thanks again to all concerned for a great trip.
Best wishes, Ian and Janet Davies 
August 2015


Mirjam and Michel, 
We posted this review of our Bruges-Paris ride on Tripadvisor.com, the most popular travel site.   We loved our ride with you — boat AND bike --- and look forward to another trip with you.  Thank you.  
Linda D Schmitt and David Leslie


Our two week bike & barge from Bruges to Paris was outstanding.  The boat Elodie is in superb condition, the food over-the-top excellent, the biking itinerary varied and interesting, the bikes sturdy and reliable.  Our daily ride began at 9:00 AM and we met the boat each afternoon around 4:00 PM.  Each day's ride featured an historic, artistic or fun stop somewhere along the way.  Just a few hills, and not too steep.  Well, one steep one on our way to Versailles, but it was worth it!  We visited a "crazy bike museum," good for laughs and photos (imagine two people facing opposite directions riding same bike !), the villages where Monet and Van Gogh lived and painted, WWI battlegrounds along the Somme River…. and more.  Our companions were Australian and American, all good-tempered and pleasant to be with.   The staff — the skipper, the guide and the cook — were attentive and considerate, asking for input and suggestions every day.  They served us champagne on our last boat ride, into Paris along the Seine River seeing sites like Notre Dame and Eiffel Tower from the river— perfect.   Mirjam, the administrator of the tour, was easy to deal with and very responsive.  We had a grand time, and hope to come back to the Elodie for another trip.  June 21 – July 05, 2015


Hi, Sad day today as we complete our 2 week, 550km Bike & Barge tour from Bruges to Paris on the 'Elodie'. There were 15 guests on board plus Michel the captain, Jantien the Chef, & Onno our knowledgeable Guide. The hospitality, scenery, cuisine, and staff were all outstanding, so hopefully we can join them again one day and experience another great adventure.
Best Regards
Keiran Cromie
Brighton Travelworld


Dear Mirjam
I have been meaning to send you a note to say Thank You for the wonderful week we enjoyed on the Elodie. Every part of the week was fun and a wonderful adventure with the BEST crew. Nina, Sander and Wamme were all amazing and made us all feel so welcome and really accommodated everyone's needs. Unfortunately not all members of our group were healthy/fit enough to do the ride but enjoyed the time on the Elodie and in the towns along the way. We have spread the word about the great time we had so I think others may pick up on the trip from our reports just as we did when we heard about it from a friend who had done it the previous year. There is no better advertising than word of mouth so we are doing our part.
We loved the towns and country side that we rode through and were amazed at the canals and bike paths that play such an important role in the Netherlands. We were also awestruck at the way all modes of transportation work together, whether it be in the cities, the villages or the country roads. It was a great lesson for all of us to see the cooperation that made everything work successfully. We loved it!!!!
Thank you again
Karen Moench