This agreement applies to participants of the guided tour programs, from hereon called   USER and Bicycle Tour Europe (BTE) using a BTE bike for the duration of one tour.

User accepts the bicycle of BTE in good condition and suitable for making long distance tours on normal paved roads. User is aware the value of the Gudenreit bike is €2.050,00.
Any other bicycle provided may have a different value.

1.0 BTE has insured the bicycles under the following conditions:
Bicycle being used in the presence and under the guidance of a BTE guide (hired and trained by BTE)
Instructions of your guide were followed
Bicycle locked as indicated under article 5 of this agreement
Local traffic rules are respected
The bicycle handled with care
Adjusting, replacing parts or repairs are done by your BTE guide
The amount due for this insurance was fully paid at the start of your tour


1.1 User will pay an additional €50,00 in case of damage.
In case of theft the amount is €250,00.

  1. Without insurance:

User will be charged for replacing the bicycle in the event of theft or total loss.
      BTE will estimate the value of the bicycle in case of total loss or theft.
The amount due in case of damage is related to the costs of repair.

3.0 In the event of theft the key, the bicycle should be handed over to your guide. 
If User cannot present the key, the bicycle will be regarded as not insured.

4.0 In the event of a bicycle stolen it is user’s responsibility to report this to the local police. Your guide must receive a copy of the police report.

5.0 Locking the bicycle is always the responsibility of the User. Never leave the bicycle unattended, unless properly locked.
The bicycle will be considered properly locked when the lock on the rear wheel is closed and locked and the bicycle was attached to another solid and stable object with the provided cable.